Saturday 9. December 2023

Japanese translation of the FCEI Consensus Paper

January 2021


We are happy to inform you that the Japanese translation of the 2012 FCEI Consensus Paper is now available on our website:


The translation was initiated and carried out by a volunteer group composed of ENT doctors, audiologists, D/HH parents, and D/HH-persons, who work with deaf and hard of hearing children in Japan. The group is planning to share the Japanese version of the consensus paper with families of children who are deaf and hard of hearing, policy makers (Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) and professionals of the field.


With special thanks to:


Shujiro Minami, MD, Ph.D.
Medical director of ENT department, specializing pediatric hearing loss.
National Hospital Organization Tokyo Medical Center, Department of Otolaryngology

Chisako Steiger
D/HH-family, Parents’ Group “Seientai” Representative
Professional translator

Hitomi Inoue
Academic Speech-Language-Hearing Therapist of Nihon Fukushi University Chuo College of Social Services.

Kimino Sugizaki
Employee of hearing aids company
D/HH-person herself

Ryo Tamura
Consultant, Public Policy Consulting Group, FUJITSU RESEARCH INSTITUTE.
D/HH-person himself

Yasuko Itoh
Speech-Language-Hearing Therapist, Kawasaki Municipal School for the Deaf

Yoko Kitano, Ph.D.
Speech-Language-Hearing Therapist
Director of Shinshu Hearing and Speech Center YAMABIKO

Yukihiko Kanda, MD, Ph.D.
Director of Kanda ENT Clinic, Nagasaki Bell Hearing Center
D/HH-person himself

Yumiko Hoshino
D/HH-family, Shizuoka CI parents-child group representative

Yuri Ikeda
Student at University of Tsukuba
D/HH-person herself