Friday 21. June 2024

FCEI 2024 Preconference


Our 2024 Preconference on Wednesday 15th May will explore the revised FCEI principles, as in the newly published "International Consensus on Best Practices in Family Centred Early Intervention" in the Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education (date and edition to be confirmed). The preconference will open with a plenary session focused on the consensus document's 'Call To Action', with emphasis on practical implementation. This highly interactive and collaborative morning session of 'Connection, Collaboration and Communication' will enable delegates to identify key priorities, plans and strategies which are relevant to their own country contexts and levels of programme development and implementation.

This will be followed by three parallel afternoon sessions which will focus in depth on implementation with relevance for DHH leaders, Parent leaders and Professionals: 1) The Deaf Leadership International Alliance (DLIA) workshop will highlight the principles that relate to Deaf adult involvement in family centred early intervention. Strategies for implementation will be shared by Deaf adults from various countries and professions. DLIA welcomes DHH involvement in this session to share strategies for embedding the FCEI principles utilizing Deaf involvement. 2) The Global Coalition of Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children (GPODHH) workshop, developed and led by parent leaders and parent researchers in collaboration with Professor Alys Young, will focus on: defining and recognising what are parent knowledges; how these might be effectively evidenced and what counts as evidence; how parent knowledges can be leveraged to promote systemic change; and what is the role of co-design and co-production and with whom. This interactive workshop is for parents only and aims to result in parent-designed guidance to support the promotion of parent knowledge in research and policy for use in a wide range of country contexts. 3) The Early Intervention Professionals workshop will focus on collaboratively developing a set of agreed competencies for Early Intervention providers and the teams they work within or in conjunction with, using the behaviours from the Consensus document as a framework and guide. The workshop welcomes involvement from all professionals from all disciplines who are involved in family centred early intervention.


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