Monday 12. April 2021

ANNOUNCEMENT: FCEI International Conference set for 8-11 June 2022

21 January 2021

Dear Colleagues,        


We are happy to announce the rescheduled FCEI International conference date is now set for 8-11 June 2022 in Bad Ischl, Austria. Online registration will begin in October 2021.


It feels good to put that in writing, even if it’s still a long time away. With that in mind, there are other updates to share, so please note:

  • THE FCEI WEBINAR SERIES will launch in February 2021. Topics will explore some of the challenges we face in the field today—the COVID-19 pandemic. These webinars will be interactive and free to participants. Watch for specific announcements soon to follow about joining these online learning and sharing opportunities.
  • THE UPDATED FCEI PRINCIPLES are well on the way to the revision and review process. Principle Investigator Mary Pat Moeller, PhD., and her team will be publishing this tome in the coming months.
  • A Japanese translation of the 2012 FCEI consensus paper is now available at this link. Read more about this on our website.

Thank you for the hard work you’re doing every day in face of so many unprecedented obstacles. And we look forward to the time we’ll all be together again to continue this work and celebrate the rejuvenation of our spirits in person.


Yours sincerely,


FCEI Executive Group