Friday 25. September 2020

Want to be in the GPODHH video?

GPODHH is producing a video featuring families from all over the world and their children who are deaf or hard of hearing. The theme is a positive, big-picture view of: WHAT’S SO DIFFERENT ABOUT US?!

What’s the video for?

It’ll be featured on our website to raise positive awareness of this coalition. It will premiere at FCEI: the International Conference on Family-Centred Early Intervention in Bad Ischl, Austria, in May 2020 (


What’s the video about?

The FCEI conference theme is DIVERSITY. There are many different ways to be Deaf/deaf/hearing impaired/hard of hearing/Deaf+ and differently communicating worldwide. We want to celebrate them!


What do you need from me?


Record two short videos right on your iPhone, Android or Smartphone like this

  1. Look into the camera and tell us (as a family and/or just your DHH child) what makes you unique. You could complete this sentence: We are the (name) family, and we’re different because . . .
  2. Next, record your child and/or family in a way that emphasizes your culture, country, language, engaged in a typical activity where there’s plenty of communication going on (in whatever mode you use).
  3. Send at least two (but not more than four) clips.
    • Each clip should be no longer than :30 seconds.
    • Please hold your Smartphone steady and keep the action inside the frame!
  4. We may also use these short videoclips for GPODHH Diversity Panel at FCEI.




  • In the cover email, please include who is featured in the videos by first name (and how we’d recognize them in the clip) and what city/country you live in.
  • We want to use every video received (that is our goal) so start sending right away!