Friday 1. July 2022

FCEI 2022: Remote Access Packages Available!


The 5th International Conference on Family Centred Early Intervention
for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing


8th - 10th June 2022, Bad Ischl,  Austria


Deaf Children, Families and Services:

Embracing Diversity for Brighter Futures


Keynote presentations from international experts including Shelia Moodie (Canada), Jesper Dammeyer (Denmark), Amber Joy Martin (US), Kirsten Smiler (New Zealand), Djenne Amal Morris (US), Susan Wiley (US), Christie Yoshinaga-Itano (US), Paula Pittman (US) and Nicole Schilling (DE).

Presentation content includes: language modalities, supporting families, telepractice, additional disabilities, research and resources. For more information on the congress content look at our Program Brochure available here.

We are hoping you can join us in beautiful Bad Ischl, Austria from 8-10 June 2022. If you can’t, as an acknowledgement of the turbulent times we find ourselves in the FCEI Executive has made the historic decision to record every presentation that will be delivered at the FCEI 2022 Main Congress, package the recordings and make them available to participants who are unable to join us in person in Bad Ischl.   The Remote Access Packages will enable you to learn from the wonderful keynote presenters, consider the discussions from the panels, and find out about new strategies and resources from the concurrent and poster presentations…all from the comfort and safety of your own home or work environment for up to 6 months after the Congress.

The presentation content will be provided in spoken English, American Sign Language, Austrian Sign Language and English captions.

If you have attended previous FCEI Congress events and are a member of our community, this Remote Access Package will provide you with the opportunity to keep up with the conversations ready for the FCEI Congress in 2024!

If you are someone new to the FCEI Community, the Remote Access Package will give you an insight into the FCEI Congress experience and its many benefits before committing to join us at the 2024 event!

If you are someone who works within an FCEI team and want to share the content with your colleagues, a Remote Access Team Package will support future professional development opportunities for you and your learning community.

About FCEI:

FCEI International is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, worldwide network of parents, families, professionals and researchers, both DHH and hearing, who are engaged in promoting and improving evidence-informed practice and research in FCEI. Its mission is to connect and support all those involved in early intervention with DHH children and their families in the collaborative process of sharing, learning, and developing the best research and evidence-informed practice. Every 2 years we meet to discuss and promote FCEI. 

The Remote Access Package will be available starting from June 2022 after the closing of the event in Bad Ischl. 

Apply Now!

Registration Rates for Remote Access:

Countries on List A:

1 person registration: €200

5 person registration: €500

10 person registration: €750

Countries on List B:

1 person registration: €100

5 person registration: €200

10 person registration: €400

Registration deadline for the in-person event: 28th May 2022.

Registrations for the remote access packages will continue to be open even after this date. If you are interested to register for the remote access package after 28th May 2022, please visit our registration page and contact the FCEI Secretariat at . 

Country Lists A & B: Developing countries are defined according to the World Bank Country Classification of Low income and Lower-middle-income economies; click here for more information on the Country Classification data according to the world bank website.