Saturday 4. December 2021

ANNOUNCEMENT: FCEI 2021 postponed until late spring 2022

30 September 2020



Dear FCEI Community,


While we have focused all intentions toward our rescheduled FCEI International conference for May 2021, the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic is presenting insurmountable challenges. Many of you have shared your concerns about committing to the event in light of the unavailability of funding and the restrictions for travel that are already projected through the end of next year.

In light of so many unpredictable possibilities, we have resigned ourselves to the conclusion that 2021 is still too soon to plan our next event. Therefore, we are shifting the timing again. The next FCEI International Conference will be held in late spring 2022 in Bad Ischl, Austria.

Between now and FCEI 2022, a roster of webinars and interactive events is being developed to keep us all resourced and connected in this powerful network of individuals all over the world who are committed to family-centered early intervention.


  • We will refund the registrations fees for all those participants who have not cancelled their registrations. The refund will be transferred directly to the bank account used to complete the registration for FCEI 2020. We will contact you directly, if further information is needed in this regard. Please notice that bank charges for the transfer will not be covered from the organisers.

  • If you had arranged for your own flight to Austria, we advise you to get in contact directly with the airline companies to cancel and request a refund for your flight ticket.

  • More communication will follow explaining what this change means for presenters and posters that were accepted for FCEI 2020. We’ll be in touch with speakers directly and with the group at large to ensure that all questions are addressed.

  • For those participants who have been awarded Parent or Deaf Scholarships for FCEI 2020 who are seriously planning to attend the next conference, these funds could be applied to FCEI 2022 for qualified recipients. Kindly send us a written confirmation of your continued need for these funds for FCEI 2022. If you have been funded but will not be attending the next conference, these scholarships must be returned to FCEI. We will contact you directly and provide you with the necessary information and support for transferring back the scholarship amount you were funded.

Thank you so much for your understanding as we strive to make responsible choices during these unprecedented times. We look forward to seeing your faces virtually in the coming months, and in person in 2022.

Yours sincerely,


Daniel Holzinger
Christine Yoshinaga-Itano
Leeanne Seaver
Gwen Carr
Elaine Gale
Trudy Smith