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The Hospitaller Brothers of Saint John of God Linz can be found in the heart of the provincial capital for over 250 years.


After completing the general refurbishment in autumn 2010, a total of more than 300 beds have become available for the patients at nine departments. On average, each year at every department nearly 26,000 patients are hospitalised and attended at the highest level of medical expertise. We employ in total more than 800 colleagues. In addition to the special medical care at the individual departments, the Hospitaller Brothers of Saint John of God takes care of half of the acute cases in Linz in cooperation with their partner, the Hospital Sisters, thus covering an important part of healthcare in the province of Upper Austria.


Furthermore, the Hospitaller Brothers of Saint John of God Linz have also been playing an important role in the education of future physicians since 2010: as the academic educational hospital of the medical universities in Graz and Innsbruck the medical departments of the institute mentor students in the clinical internship year (CIYJ) at these universities on an on-going basis.



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The Convent of the Brothers of Saint John of God Linz

I welcome you on behalf of the Order of the Brothers of Saint John of God and all those who work in this institution. Together with our employees, we try to make our hospital a place where everyone can meet as brothers and sisters.

The founder of our order, Saint John of God showed his love towards sick people and those in need through the interaction of service, understanding and devotion, as well as with an unconditional “being there for others”.

His distinctive love for Jesus Christ as the centre of thoughts and acts is a driving force for everybody who dedicates his/her life to serving sick people and those in need, just as he did.

In this spirit we would like to work together on the big task of serving and facilitating life. You can be absolutely certain that the highest guiding principle of our actions is the Christian ethics. We, the Brothers of Saint John of God, have developed our own Code of Ethics for this.


Brother Matthias Meczywor OH




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