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Meet Deaf Adults video
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Meet Deaf Adults video


Deaf Leadership International Alliance (DLIA) is making a video named Meet Deaf Adults to show at the 2020 FCEI congress.  The purpose of the video is to feature deaf adults from all over the world to increase awareness of deaf adults who work in a wide range of professions.  To help make this video a success we encourage all deaf adults to send a short video clip.  Please share the attached video call far and wide.


What is DLIA?

Deaf Leadership International Alliance (DLIA) is an organization that was established to include deaf* perspectives in early intervention programs.


What is the Meet Deaf Adults Video Project?

DLIA is producing a video featuring deaf adults from all over the world to increase awareness of deaf adults who work in a wide range of professions.


What’s the video for?

It will premiere at FCEI: the International Conference on Family-Centred Early Intervention (FCEI) in Bad Ischl, Austria, in May 2020 (www.fcei.at).


What’s the video about?

The FCEI conference theme is DIVERSITY. The goal is to increase awareness and showcase the diversity of deaf adults who are working in a wide range of professions.


What do you need from me?

One short video no more than 45 seconds.


How do I record?

Record your video right on your iPhone, Android or Smartphone.

  • Make sure your Smartphone steady and make sure you keep the action inside the frame.
  • Look into the camera and follow this script keeping it under 45 seconds:
    • My name is (your first name)
    • I am from (your country)
    • My work is (your job)
    • My tip for (share any tip(s) you may have for parents, professionals, and/or children)

When is the deadline?

Send your video clip no later than December 1, 2019.


How should the video clip be sent?

    • Email the video clip as an attachment to: egale@hunter.cuny.edu along with your signed permission (refer to the next page for the informed consent and copyright permission form) for DLIA to use your video.
    • In the cover email, please include your full video script in English. All videos will be captioned in English regardless of what language is used.

Who to contact if I have questions?

*The term “deaf” is being use here as an exclusive term representing all individuals with various hearing levels and cultural experiences.